015: The MRA Issue (*men’s right activism)

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In February 2015, a MRA (men’s right activist) named Roosh V tried to organize a set of Meetups across the globe that basically encouraged or at least supported the concept of non-consensual rape. It led to an uproar across the world calling for the censoring of Roosh and his followers. While eventually Meetup and the promise of mobs stopped Roosh from having this day, it led me to investigate this group or men who were claiming to be in the position of having less rights in today’s world.

I went in with an attitude of scorn and left with more questions than answers. I found out that while some extremists of the MRA were just plain disgusting (to me), there was a soft, vulnerable place where men do not feel as empowered as I thought.

Come take a listen to this thought-provoking show.