033: Breaking The Old Relationship Paradigm w/ Ray Doktor

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My buddy Jason said that i had to meet Ray that we are like-minded souls. We were like two cats when we first met. Sniffing at each other, our ears pinned back, but with a definite kinship. Since then, we’ve become friends and colleagues.

Ray is doing his part to bring people together in Los Angeles. He has a popular meetup group and a strong following. He is also an accomplished speaker, writer, and newly became a father. On the show, we share about our viewpoints on relating and how to do it better. Simply, look at yourself. Want to blame your partner? Cut that out and turn your microscope back to YOU!

We also have a great coaching call with David who’s partner is requesting a change from an open relationship to a monogamous one. It’s bringing up a lot for our friend and he bares his soul.

For more information about Dr. Ray, check out his website at http://raydoktor.com/.