038: Tales of One Successful Relationship w/ Morgan Mellas

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Bluntly, before I met Morgan, I didn’t have much faith in relationships and didn’t really believe that they could be successful. In fact, I never thought I would meet a woman who could ‘keep up with me’.

I still carried trauma from years of being in an extreme situation where my romantic life was poked and proded and judged by my community. I had one three month affair that i was ill-equipted for. Therapy was helping but my sex life felt askew.

Then I met Morgan.

Its not my intention to make this show (or its description) sappy. But, I can say, all my viewpoints around relating has shifted in the last 18 months since she walked through my door. I am still blown away by what love is and can be.

In this special Tuff Love, Morgan will be joining me and we’ll be opening up the door to the specifics of what makes this one relationship work. In this time where there is so much isolation and unhappiness, we offer the details of a dynamic and growing relationship.

We ask for questions ahead of time and will take questions live from the audience. There will be no live coaching on this show.

This will be, I suspect, very interesting. Come join us.