039: Navigating Parental Approval

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i once heard this joke that really describes a lot of child-parent relationships: “Parents know how to push all our buttons. They are the onces who installed them”

  • What is the power that the parental units have over our psyches?
  • Why do we search for approval from them?
  • What part of our souls are so connected to those that created us?
  • Why does it enrich some and torture others?

I will first admit that this is not my area of speciality. However, i do have vast experience in (a) my own struggle with my relationshiop to my mom and dad in my journey and (b) watching 1000’s of students who are torn and affected by it.

So, let’s discuss it. Bring it to the surface. Like all Tuff Love shows, let’s not shy away from it. Confront, absorb and learn.