042: The Challenges of Co-Parenting

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At the height of the Landmark Advanced Course in 1999, I announced outloud to 500 people, “I’m ready to be a father”. Loud applause. It was obvious I had gotten my money’s worth. As my marriage went on, it was obvious that kids weren’t really on the table. Neither of us were ready.

I started OneTaste in 2004 and for the next 10 years, dedicated myself to the job. Again, it was obvious that kids were not on the table.

In 2014, a free man, I realized that having kids wasn’t on top of my desire list. I then met Morgan Mellas who quickly became my love and along with it, came two young girls, 5&7 years old. It was a package deal that I accepted without question or fear.

It is 2016 and we are now all living together. The beginning was challenging for us and getting to know each other. It seems that in the last two weeks, its gotten more intense and difficult. They are called ‘Blended Families’ and all the challenges they bring. The interesting part is what I’m seeing about myself and my relationship to the challenge.

Come join me on Thursday to be part of the discussion.