043: The Pursuit of Purpose

In Money/Business, Podcast by Robert Kandell1 Comment

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In honor of next week’s ManTalks (ManTalks.com, I will be talking about the concept of PURPOSE and how it affects a person’s life. I will be sharing my own journey of first following the well-beaten path to going off the reservation to find my own way in the world and the tangled web it created in my life. Now, older, I am again finding my path of purpose.

I know this: Not knowing your purpose can lead to apathy, anger, depression, and fear.

I know this as well: Following someone else’s purpose is sufficient to quell that depression for a spell but then can cause loss of self.

Come join us for a lively discussion of how to find your own purpose in this world for a more gratifying, exciting life.

  • R. Pink

    Robert – This one of my favorite talks. I listen to it every 8 weeks. Shake it up – be bold – fear is great – it means something is really happening. Dive in, check it out, you are happening – no need to make it happen – it’s already happening – giddy up saddle up move on to the next – with compassion because great strength takes great compassion because you might fuck up bigger than before but passion is calling – don’t give up – feel the pain – learn more – . Time will Tell – tell what? Who the fuck knows – roll the dice – take a chance – you not kidding anyone – be real – feel good – feel period.

    Thank you