044: The Effects of Projection

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I wrote a post last week about a sensitive experience i had and the important lesson I learned from it. It was vulnerable to write and important. My life is one of service and on facebook, I choose to open my heart and bare my soul.

A colleague, someone I don’t know well but respect greatly, wrote a strong response that affected me. I read it once then twice then a third time. While I understood it, I knew it didn’t apply to me. I responded, a mutual friend responded and then I switched to private messages. We got it flat. We got connected. She apologized saying that she was projecting her own experience onto mine. I said that no apology was necessary. I just hope she felt heard. She did. Maybe it will ease her soul a little bit.

Projection happens all the time. Its part of the human condition. But the effects can often be severe disconnection. Come learn as we discuss this experience and receive some tips on how to stay connected from either position.