055: The Mystery of a Woman’s Biology with Sheleana Aiyana

In Guest Star, Podcast, Sexuality by Robert Kandell1 Comment

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FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit http://kcons.co/Sheleana.

I first met Sheleana in 2011. The only word I can think to describe her is powerful. She and her partner wowed us with her acumen around a variety of topics and all I could think was “she knows her s**t!”

Fast-forward to 2016. I receive a message from her basically “Hi, how are you?” At first, I assumed she had meant that message for another handsome gentleman named Robert. But in fact, it was for me. We chatted and got reaquainted. We had lunch last month.

That original feeling, that original thought of how brilliant she is never stopped. She just impressed me. When I asked for her to do a show with me, I didn’t care on the topic.

Then, I asked what she wanted to talk about and she wrote “I like talking about hormones, women’s moon time….” I thought BOOM! This is a topic that we don’t talk about enough. The powerful experience and mystery of a woman’s biology.