056: Traveling? Me? Part 1/2

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Tonight, I head to Costa Rica for 9 days. For most people, they would be ecstatic about this situation. For me, however, there is a certain uneasy feeling about it.

I am not new to traveling. But normally, I have a distinctive reason and game-plan. Usually, there is some business reason. I can say “I’m going to XYZ, teaching and then will take some time for myself” For this trip, there is no such motivation. I am going because there is a new part of me that wants to be developed. The muscle of just going somewhere to see what adventures want to arise.

I suspect the control-freak, home-bodies, will understand.

On this Tuff Love, I will be discussing this new adventure and the anticipation of it. On Thursday, Jan 12th, from Costa Rica, (hopefully), I will be discussing what I learned.