064: How to Set & Keep Goals

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In January 2013, I was feeling out-of-shape. For an ex-fat kid, this sensation is akin to torture because every moment, every look in the mirror brings up young triggers. I had just migrated from SF to LA for the job and had the opportunity to setup a new schedule. I knew I wanted to do something drastic. So, I put on Facebook – “I’m doing a 30-day Yoga challenge and will go once a day and then post my results here”

So, every day, I went to CorePower Yoga, sweat my ass off, and then posted about it. Some days, my friends, like Beth Elder, would post me and say, “Are you going to yoga???” and I would respond, “Yeah, yeah, doing the 8pm class”. I did 28 of 30 days I believe and I learned a new skill for goal setting.

For Memorial Day, 2017, I am speaking at Lighting in the Bottle for three talks. I want to video tape them to add to my reel. I want to look good.

So last Wednesday (3.8.2017), I started my “70 Days of Yoga (out of 80)” campaign. I’ve done 5 and I can already feel the amazing sense of accomplishment.

Come join us on Tuff Love to discuss how to set goals, keep them, and enhance your life.