065: Superior Communication Techniques

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As a business consultant/Life-coach, I would say that 99% of the issues I work with people around concern f&*ked up communication. It continues to amaze me how poorly we are trained to both speak and listen. It’s not your fault cause society actually teaches us to be mediocre communicators.

I can easily say that in the majority of my podcasts, I’m referring to one or another communication technique. However, in this episode, I will be laying out my favorite 8 favorite techniques that I’ve taught in workshops for 10 years. I’m going to be pulling out some old viewpoints and concepts.

Instead of a live-coaching, I’m going to pulling questions from the audience on what baffles them around communication. So, if you want to participate in our Q&A, please join us for the live call on Thursday at 10am PST.

This call will cover business, life, relationships, romance, sex, and much much more. It is my core belief that “Everything is a Communication”