070: Sexual Self-Mastery w/ Destin Gerek

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[What this show is about] Today, the issues of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (ED) are a common, challenging, and detrimental reality for many couples. It can strike the least likely people and like most sex-based issues, there is an incredible amount of shame around even discussing it.

The myth of being a powerful man (in and out of the bedroom) is still the cultural norm and when there are issues, it can shake a man’s confidence to his core.

Educator Destin Gerek has been tirelessly working for 20 years to bring these and many other sexual issues into the limelight and helps both single men and couples enhance their lives.

On this show, we will be giving you some practical tips on how to find your sexual self-mastery. Learn about the myths of ejaculatory control, how to increase your sensitivity, and what is happening in your body that you might not be aware of.

[My introduction of Destin] The first time I met Destin Gerek was in San Francisco in 2006. He walked into OneTaste’s center on Folsom street wearing traditional burner garb on a Tuesday morning. I looked him up and down and thought, “Now, there’s an interesting man”.

Fast-forward to January, 2015, and I’m watching Destin deliver a 3-day live event called Evolve Live to a packed room. I’ve been working with him as a business manager for the last 5 months to help him create this event. As I watch him speak and deliver, I thought, “Now, there’s an incredible man”.

The thing that I respect most about Destin (among many things) is that he is fully dedicated to serving the world. It comes out of him in every action that he makes. I’m excited to see what happens.

Learn more about Destin at www.evolvedmasculine.com.