Private Coaching with Robert Kandell

Since 2004, Robert has been privately coaching individuals, couples and corporate teams.


  • Better Relationships
  • Become a master communicator
  • Find Your Purpose
  • Better Mental and Physical Health
  • Understand Man/Woman Dynamics
  • Learn about alternative lifestyles

Types of Private Coaching


Monthly Intensives
For those wanting quick change
Daily Check-in’s available
Intensive Homework
Immediate Text Support
Massive Progress!!


Hourly Packages
Sessions at your desired frequency
No time-limit
Space to implement
Flexible length (30-minute)
Sustainable Progress!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 5.45.53 PMRobert Kandell is a coach who can and will take you from where you are to where you want to be. There will be prodding, pushing, inspiring, and a little humor to make sure you stay in motion.

CTrained by CTI’s (The Coaching Training Institute) top teachers and a lead instructor for OneTaste’s Coaching Program, Robert has been coaching and training coaches for over 15 years. He believes demonstrating 100% APPROVAL and believing in the client’s PERFECTION are the two foundational piece to successful coaching. If you are ready for definitive change, click on the “Schedule FREE consultation” button to setup a time to talk.