Personal Coaching

Robert Kandell is a coach who can and will take you from where you are to where you want to be. There will be prodding, pushing, inspiring, and a little humor to make sure you stay in motion. Indirectly trained by CTI’s (The Coaching Training Institute) top teachers and a lead instructor for OneTaste’s Coaching Program, Robert has been coaching and training coaches for over 10 years. He believes demonstrating 100% APPROVAL and believing in the client’s PERFECTION are the two foundational piece to successful coaching.

Robert only takes on six private coaching clients at a time.

His coaching package includes

Frequent (up to daily) coaching sessions (30 minutes in length)
Daily text and email response
Advice in both business and personal affairs
Education in male/female dynamics
Training in increasing your communication skills
Monthly group coaching circles


Telling the raw truth is the fastest way to intimacy. Just be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Praise for Robert
test_MitchRob has been a pivotal person in my self growth over the last 2 years of my life.  I worked with him in various courses as well as a personal coach.  Rob is one of those people that can penetrate you at any level and really feel you.  He has the keen ability to see where you need to go and guide you, rather than telling you what needs to happen.  He’s an amazing man.  I would highly recommend him to anyone doing any self-help work, business consulting or as a teacher.  – Mitch Aidelbaum, Photographer and IT Specialist
Rob Kandell is a masterful coach with a commanding presence and an engaging, gentle manner. He will call you out in a way that makes you feel both challenged and warmly embraced at the same time. I was so impressed with how effectively he teaches his classes that I decided to hire him as a coach. In a short time working with him, I have seen my own personal blocks diminish and my vision for a happier more rewarding life feel more within reach. While there are many coaches to choose from, Rob’s unique value stems from his decades-long experience of having done the work for his own transformation, his track record of success with companies and clients, and the deeply powerful way that he nurtures your belief in your own power and potential. –Anonymous, Attorney, San Francisco
chris_heaneyHappy Valentine’s Day Rob, sending you gratitude for the many learning I’ve gotten through you. You’ve helped me get to a place where I’m ever better able to say what I see in others, to offer them a vulnerable truth as my opening gambit, and to say the thing that feels risky and nerve-wracking to say. You’ve helped me crack people open in the way they respond to my offers with deeper, cleaner truths than they ever normally would. Thanks for making the game of relating terrifyingly exciting and more deeply rewarding than ever. – Chris Heaney