002: Self-Approval

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Hi and welcome to the podcast of “Tuff Love: A Group Coaching Call” with me, Rob Kandell. This podcast is recorded live every week at Thursday at 10am PST from Venice California.

In my second call, the first recorded, this week’s rant is about the concept of “self-validation” and how we don’t do it enough. In fact, we rarely do it and I talk about the dis-service you provide to your loved ones and you when you look externally for validation. I speak of some specific tips that you can use to improve this part of yourself.

I then speak with two people. Kelly who is having trouble finding that special partner in crime to live the kind of lifestyle she wants to live. How she is pick men out of the wrong demographic and how to stop sabotaging herself. We then speak with my old friend Christina who is struggling with her self-worth around her business and how she wants to take the next leap in her coaching life but just needs a little “Tuff Love”

Recorded: 10.22.2015 in Venice, California