006: Its Not the Circumstance, It’s You

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Welcome to Tuff Love, my weekly blast of ecstatic approval from the lovely city of Venice California. Each week, at 10am PST, I do my live show to share the gifts that were bestoyed upon me through 16 years of personal development. There is always a way to make your life, my life, our lives, just a little bit better if you’re willing to confront the truth and take charge of your life.

This week, my rant is called “It’s not the circumstance… it’s you” Yes, I say that with a slightly sardonic way of speaking. Stop blaming god for what’s not working, turn your attention on yourself and see what you desire.

My question of the week is another one about communication… its about methods to provide feedback to your loved ones.

We then travel across the pond to chat w/ Laura K about her relationship with her mother and how to improve it. How about that? We again turn her spotlight back internally to see…. “hmm, maybe they are a little bit similar”

We complete w/ my old friend Peter and I give him some clues on how to resolve his relationship with a business partners.

Thank you for joining me and please SUPPORT this podcast by sending some lovin’ to PAYPAL@Kandellconsulting.com.

Enjoy the show!