Tuff Love: A Group Coaching Call w/ Rob Kandell

20160124_ItunesIt’s an interesting paradox. We all really want to know how we show in the world but we do everything we can to avoid it. Its like an itch we want to scratch but also tend to ignore. We create secret covert alliances with our friends, families, workmates and enemies for them to withhold the truth, to make things “nice” rather than real. In doing so, we never truly know what people think about us. For some, this is okay. Maybe not for you.

Every week, coach, entrepreneur and teacher Rob Kandell will leading a group experience where he will speak his heart-filled, intense, tuff love. He will (a) answer questions posted to this event and via chat, (b) speak his mind plainly on topics of interest, and (c) coach brave enthusiastic volunteers in a group setting. Honestly, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

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077: Introvert –> Extrovert 15th June, 2017

I have been referencing this book/movie, “the Perks of being a wallflower” recently. I was initially drawn to this movie because it reminded me so much of my youth. That unsettling feeling that you feel excluded from crowds, shy away from attention, and when I had it, I felt very uncomfortable. There is a line in the movie when the …

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076: War Stories with Erwan & Alicia Davon 8th June, 2017

Erwan Davon was my first teacher at the beginning of this whole ride. He was the first man who told me the truth in such a powerful way that he shifted the whole trajectory of my life. He also did something that I truly HATED him for in the moment: he didn’t take care of me, he didn’t try to …

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075: Dealing with Debt 1st June, 2017

We all have debt on some level. For some, it is a credit card or a school loan. For others, there is some emotional debt that we believe that we owe to our parents, friends or partner. In my lineage (pragmatic NY jew), I am not afraid of being in debt. I can easily leverage it to create and produce. …

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074: Getting OUT of your Comfort Zone with Tripp Lanier 25th May, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Tripp back at Rich Litvin’s Workshop in the fall of 2014 in my time of transition. I had no idea the caliber of man that I was encountering. He is a man on a mission on how to improve people’s lives for over 12 years and his podcasts have been downloaded over a million …

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073: Exiting the Prisons we Create 18th May, 2017

Morgan comes home late after a night with her girlfriends, “Thanks for letting me go out”. I am absolutely puzzled at this remark. “Let you?” Eh? What? I think about this statement some more and realize that this is one of the prisons that we create for ourselves and our partners. We don’t treat ourselves as free human beings. Once …

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072: “Never Say this on a Date” with Jeffrey Platts 11th May, 2017

I met Jeffrey Platts in the Spring of 2015 when a mutual friend said, “You gotta meet this guy who is moving to LA”. From the beginning of our first meeting, I knew that I had met a like-minded man. He is doing some great work in the world and I love watching his sweet relaying on his relationship. He …

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071: WTF is up with Romance Today? 4th May, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Tuff Love, with Rob Kandell. This is episode number 71: WTF is up with romance? In this episode, Robert discusses the concept of romance in the 21st Century. In 1997, David Deida wrote the book The Way Of The Superior Man and gave the reality of how things were becoming fucked up between men and …

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070: Sexual Self-Mastery w/ Destin Gerek 27th April, 2017

[What this show is about] Today, the issues of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (ED) are a common, challenging, and detrimental reality for many couples. It can strike the least likely people and like most sex-based issues, there is an incredible amount of shame around even discussing it. The myth of being a powerful man (in and out of the …

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