Tuff Love: A Group Coaching Call w/ Rob Kandell

20160124_ItunesIt’s an interesting paradox. We all really want to know how we show in the world but we do everything we can to avoid it. Its like an itch we want to scratch but also tend to ignore. We create secret covert alliances with our friends, families, workmates and enemies for them to withhold the truth, to make things “nice” rather than real. In doing so, we never truly know what people think about us. For some, this is okay. Maybe not for you.

Every week, coach, entrepreneur and teacher Rob Kandell will leading a group experience where he will speak his heart-filled, intense, tuff love. He will (a) answer questions posted to this event and via chat, (b) speak his mind plainly on topics of interest, and (c) coach brave enthusiastic volunteers in a group setting. Honestly, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Podcast Archive

091: Tiger-Tiger is it true? 27th September, 2017

Welcome back to Tuff Love with your host, Rob Kandell. Tuff love is always about ways to improve your life, ways to see how things are or are not working. The topic today is very interesting and possibly one of the unique Tuff Love episodes to date. There is no coachee in this show but it’s a great show regardless. …

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090: Integrating Shadow Desires with Dr. Carolyn Elliot 14th September, 2017

Welcome back to Tuff Love, with your host, Rob Kandell. The guest today is Dr. Carolyn Elliott who is a 6-figure online business strategist and witch, with a bodhisattva vow. She founded Witch Magazine to give voice and prominence to the subtle witching in the world that’s not confined to tradition and convention. She uses it to teach Influence, the …

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089: Taking the Tougher Road 7th September, 2017

Welcome back to Tuff Love with Rob Kandell. This week’s show is called Taking The Tougher Road. When looking at your life, your experience, your relationship, your job, there are an infinite amount of roads possible and on some level you know this. Which road do you want to take, the easy or the tough? Rob tends to take the …

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088: The Anti-Male Cultural Narrative w/ Om Rupani 31st August, 2017

Welcome back to Tuff Love with Rob Kandell. Om Rupani is the guest on the show today. Om is a New York based photographer, writer and sex educator. He has been teaching workshops and coaching people in the sensual arts and BDSM for over 10 years. His new book Prerequisites to Ecstacy deals with the common obstacles he sees couples …

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087: So You want to have a podcast? 24th August, 2017

Welcome back to Tuff Love with Rob Kandell. This episode is all about starting a podcast, because Rob is broadcasting from the Podcast Movement Conference in California. There will be two different focuses for this episode. Firstly, the emotional motivations for podcasting and secondly, the technical nitty-gritty of the process. The most important thing when starting a podcast is to …

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086: Your Masculine/Feminine Ratio 17th August, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Tuff Love with Rob Kandell. The topic of today’s show is the concept of masculine and feminine dynamics. Rob has been working with a team recently to help the people within that team with some very disparate personalities and views from separation and opposite sides of the playing field to come together, be more connected …

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085: Reclaiming Lost Pieces with Nancy Levin 10th August, 2017

Welcome back to Tuff Love with your host, Rob Kandell. This week is a guest start week, with special guest Nancy Levin. Nancy is a successful author, speaker, Hay House talk radio host and an amazing person. Rob heard her speak earlier this year and was wowed by her story of saying ‘no’ to her own mediocrity and stuckness in …

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084: On Death 3rd August, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Tuff Love with Rob Kandell. This week is a sensitive show, and one near and dear to Rob’s heart. It’s the concept around death, which is very impactful. Part of this episode is influenced by Death and Dying, a book by Elizabeth Kublar Ross, Rob’s Mom’s mentor. It’s also inspired by a good friend who …

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