005: Why does ‘Brash, Brilliant and British’ Piss People off

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Welcome to Tuff Love, a weekly live coaching call from Venice, California with me. Robert Kandell. Coach, consultant, teacher, lover of communication and always a little disturbed on how people in the world aren’t having their lives exactly the way they want them. This call is my sanity, my place to express my views, perhaps help a few people with my skills of 15 years of teaching and coaching. I mean “REALLY” what’s stopping you from having the life you exactly you want.

In this call, my rant is about this curious thing that has been going on in my life. I talk about my brash, brilliant, british female business partner, Franny and how she effects other people. How her straight-forward approach to life and her truth-telling just kinda irks people. And I see that Franny just loves, truly loves, and cares but people just get their feelings hurt! So anyway, listen in and see what happens.

The question of the week is about Ghosting. What happens when you have a hot date and then they disappear. POOF. This will eventually be the rant in a later show.

Next, we talk with Jesco in Europe about his inability to find available women. We dig in and it find out the problem just not be them. It just be him.

So, take a listen and see if the show works for you. If you hear what you like, we accept donations via paypal. Send me a little love at paypal@kandellconsulting.com.

So, without further delay, we join the call.