008: Patience

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Welcome to Tuff Love, week eight with your loving Host, me, Rob Kandell. This call was recorded in the suburbs of Washington DC after my first redeye flight in a long time. This show is about speaking the truth, the raw truth, and spreading my own version of Tuff Love internationally.

For this call, I had just travelled across this great nation of ours with two toddlers and so the call’s topic around Patience was a perfect one to discuss. There is nothing like pushing two strollers, two big suitcases, and carrying a few bags on my back to expand your version of patience. Get some handy tips on how to expand yours.

The question of the week is again another personal one for me. What was my path to find the relationship I had today? What did I have to confront, change and do?

We then talk with a new friend Kelly who asks the questions “HEY! Where’s my fella?”. A common question with my answer “I honestly don’t know” but what follows, the more we dig, brings up some interesting origins of her roadblocks to find that special someone someone.

Finally, Ruwan comes on the line about his frustration/fear/angst about “not being there” yet with work and relationships and his FOMO (fear of missing out). I remind him, he’s 27! Oh, the challenges of enthusiastic youth!

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