012: The Wisdom In Temper Tantrums

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Hello and welcome to Tuff Love, a group coaching call with your dedicated host, me, Rob Kandell. Every Thursday at 10am PST, live from my home office in lovely Venice, California, we talk about the topics of the day through the filter of Tuff Love. What’s Tuff Love? Simply it’s the truth, the whole truth, the raw truth, about what I see and I can feel. I’m a pragmatic NY Jew. So I say it like I see it.

This week, we redo our call about the wisdom in Temper tantrums. In my experience of learning to be a co-parent, I am learning some amazing skills by watching the amazing Morgan as she acts like a Sherlock holmes during her kiddo’s intense tantrums. I tend to shy away, she dives in. So, I am getting a new perspective on how to love more by staying connected during them.

We then take a call from my friend Trinity who talks about her habits of her BIG BIG Love and why her parents just won’t receive her. Damm those small reception muscles of the world. I just want to love ya.

We finish up with some follow up questions about the temper tantrums.

It’s a dynamic call and hopefully you can get a little power from it. Please support the call by sending us some lovin’ via paypal. You can go to TUFFLOVE.LIVE or send directly to paypal@Kandellconsulting.com.