014: What Happens when Partner’s Don’t Agree

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Welcome to Tuff Love, a weekly live call from Venice Beach, California. My name is Rob Kandell and I am your host because I love spreading the tenets of Tuff Love in the world. What is Tuff love? Well, simply, its that thing you really want to say to your friend, partner, boss, lover, enemy but you’re just a little nervous on how they are going to take it. So, you keep it all inside and then have no idea why you feel distant from these people. Why? Cause you withheld and and in that withholding there is disconnection.

In this week’s call, we talk about the topic when there are two partners and they are not quite getting along or can’t quite agree on a topic. I went through something similar with the love of my life, Morgan, right before the call and it was a motherfucker. But don’t worry, we go through it.

We then head to Boulder to talk with Meesh on why her relationship didn’t work even though it looked so right at the beginning.

So enjoy the show and please if you feel so inclined, help support the call by sending us some of your lovin’ to Paypal.me.