018: What Women Want

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Hello and welcome to Tuff Love, a weekly all from Venice, California with your host, Robert Kandell. Each week, I pick a topic on something that i see in the world that needs discussing. This one, when i first whispered it out loud, scared the shit out of me cause i was afraid of what would arise. So, of course, i announced the show right away. Its about the topic of “What Women Want”. I’ve spent my teaching career talking to folks about this connundrum and this show is the synopsis of what i’ve found.

We then have an emotional coaching call with Monica as we talk about her current relationship, a betrayal and how to let her guard down. A little snafu with our second call and the show, the fastest 40 minutes, of my week is over. BOOM. Done.

So, please join us for this dynamic call and if you feel so inclined, please send us a little loving at Paypal.me/kandellconsulting.

Enjoy the show!