021: Eradicate Obsession with your Ex with Eva Clay

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Welcome to Tuff Love, a weekly podcast, hosted by Robert Kandell. We get together every Thursday at 10am PST to discuss the issues that are impacting our society today in relationship, communication, self-esteem and love. This week is no exception as we invite teacher and coach Eva Clay to talk about the challenging topic of OBSESSION.

Eva knocks it out of the park with practical, easy to understand, explanations of the basics of this human emotion and how to move through it. For once, i was quiet for most of the show since I was learning so much. We then invite Smita to join the call who is calling from Australia around her 11 year relationship that she just can’t quite seem to move away from. Eva lays down some sage advice.

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  • Ian Robertson

    Had just finding myself in an obsessive habit with this woman and have been trying to understand why. As I was hearing the advice everything just connected like clockwork, as things do these days when I find just what I need at a good time. Thank you for this great sagely wisdom as I know you bring after meeting you during the New Masculine Program last year through Zat Baraka Elias and Robert Kandell. It’s been good returning to the program this year to work further and see how far I’ve come, even after many new challenges this past year. I will admit I was surprised at first to hear Robert so quiet but there was so much Eva provided in this call, he’s a good sport and doesn’t have to step in to show off his own brilliant coaching. ; )

    Those three questions maybe perspective gold for me now but it comes from two diamonds of knowledge and insight I deeply appreciate. I hope to constantly be learning and resonating in my own journey as I am searching for my way of impacting others with my own insight and being in the future.
    Aho Robert. Thank you again Eva. Full of gratitude of you two.