028: Education around Gender Identity w/ Amy Jo Goddard

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I am a heterosexual white male born and raised in an upper middle class neighborhood who really has never wanted for anything in his entire life. When they define “privilege”, it would be appropriate to use my life as an example. This has not stopped me from working my ass off since i was 14 years old but still the opportunities that I’ve been fortune to are extraordinary.

In the summer of 2010, I was teaching a class on Orgasm to a woman and her transgender partner. Details aside, there was an activity where she got very, very confronted and spoke her truth about it for a long, charged, 20 minutes. I listened and said simply

“Thank you and I have nothing to offer to you to answer your question since I can’t even emphasize with your situation”.

She smiled, wiped her last tear and said that was enough.

I know that i don’t know a lot.

I had the privilege of meeting Amy Jo Goddard through our mutual friend and educator Destin who sang her praises. After listening to her for 10 minutes, I felt like pulling out a notebook and shutting my mouth and just taking notes on her vast knowledge around gender identity, languaging, sexuality and politics. She is, in my view, truly a master at her craft.

Come join me for this conversation around gender dynamics and identity.