003: Taking 100% Responsiblity

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Welcome to “Tuff Love: A Live group Coaching Call”, week three, live from Venice, California with me, Rob Kandell, your loving host. This week’s rant is about “Taking Responsibility in your life” I start off with a current event in my life where I have to deal with ex-employee who refuses to take responsibility for her life. I go into the details of how it felt and the effect it had on me.

Here’s what I think – take “100% responsibility for your life” and don’t project it on to the people who are in your life. Your family, your friends, your lovers, your enemies, the ones who you perceive are doing something TO YOU. They may be providing the stimuli… but guess who gets to choose how to respond to it. YOU! You Can! My rant is about how to take more control and feel more aligned with the situations in your life!

We then shake it off and bring Mariano on the line to talk about his dynamic relationship with his girlfriend. We talk about how he feels constrained and has trouble bringing out his true self because of her reactions. I speak about how they foundation needs some adjusting especially since they have another soul they are responsible for, their new born son. I give him some tuff love to push him back to working it out with her.

I then answer a specific question on some tools with moving through fear.

Finally, we bring Andrew on the line on how to get his life back on track as he is hitting bottom.